QUIZ: Can You Correct These Super Tricky Sentences?

There are many different rules governing grammar, composition, and proper sentence structure that we never stop to think about. Things like that become second nature once you reach a certain age and it rarely factors into our daily lives. Besides, in today’s high-tech world most of us rely on spell check to correct our spelling errors and if we make syntax mistakes it usually just gets ignored or overlooked.

Also, it seems that a growing number of people are shortening and abbreviating sentences with SMS text message shortcuts like “OMG” and “LOL.” Such abbreviations are widely overused and to understand the ones beyond the popular basic terms you have to look them up in special dictionaries devoted to tracking their meanings. With trends like these it’s no wonder that the ancient art of cursive writing is dying out. Today’s children are taught computer based skills and language, like code, instead of English. The days of copying words and sentences down and dissecting them apart are slowly fading away.

Do you even remember anything that you learned back in English class? If you were tested right now on grammar topics, how do you think you would do? Try this quiz to see if you’ve managed to retain the lessons you were taught all those years ago on the subject. It tests your knowledge and use of English mechanics, as well as whether or not you know when to use different spellings and tenses of the same word.

If nouns, objects, verbs, adjectives, predicates, and complements are your forte then you’ll likely find this quiz to be easy and can use it to jog your memory. For all the grammar lightweights out there, good luck!

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