Rare Pink Dolphin Spotted Playing In A Louisiana Lake

The earth is a home to several millions of species living on the survival facilities the great planet provides them. The planet was born thousands of centuries ago, and yet there are many of its corners left undiscovered.

Indeed, the species on the planet are huge in numbers and keep us fascinating as we discover them. This is what happens when the rare pink dolphin having a bottlenose was spotted in the Brackish water of Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana.

The unusual, eye-catching creature made scientists research and dig out more about it. As of now, they have put forward the general theory about the creature; she is albino and has bright pink color. She is fortunate to have this splendid beauty.

Read on to know about the unusual sea-animal. The bottlenose dolphin finds the salty water of Calcasieu comfortable for living. The pinkie dolphin was formerly spotted in 2007 by a charter boat captain. Besides, having pink color skin, she is totally like the other dolphins and can do everything the rest of them do. The pinkie dolphin has become a celebrity in the town. People come to the lake to catch some glimpse of her.
Pinkie is a friendly and curious creature, The sad thing is, due to the unusual skin color she has, Pinkie is unable to hunt and hide.

Watch the video and see her in action! The pinkie dolphin is going to be a mom soon. The local people must be waiting for the little pink baby in their town. Do share and comment.

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