She Asked A Homeless Shelter For Food. But They Play A Prank On Her Instead… UNBELIEVABLE!


For many of us, it’s all too easy to take for granted the things that we have in our lives. And this includes a roof over our head, hot meals, and the respect and kindness that we receive from other people. For the homeless, not only is their daily life a struggle, they are often disrespected and treated very poorly by their fellow human beings. The sad truth is that most of us take one look at them and assume the worst. So Prank It FWD decided to do something special for the homeless people in Glendale, California who came into the Ascencia Homeless Shelter expecting a free meal. But what did they get instead? In addition to a meal, they got a makeover and spa session, and a lot of love. The moment with the Vietnam vet is especially touching: “Somebody cares. I’m a Vietnam vet, honorable discharge, and uh… I’m not used to any affection.”