She Has To Wear Wires On Her Body Everyday Or Else She Will Die Because She Drank THIS Popular Drink

Dion Parrot, an 18-year-old from Kettering, England is forced to wear a heart monitor at all times, because she spent her “childhood drinking energy drinks.”  According to her mother, Dion’s “heart rate drops dangerously low” as a result of damage done from caffeine toxicity.

The average amount of caffeine found in energy drinks is 250 mgs, which is the equivalent of four shots of espresso!  No one would ever dream of allowing their child to drink that, yet many parents have been unaware of the dangers inherent to energy drinks.

2f323ff232f32f3Dion is forced to wear a heart monitor, as she shared in a photo on January 14th, to warn others about the dangers of energy drink consumption at a young age.  She did so in order to lose weight, and ended up causing irreparable damage to her heart.

The following video that you are about to watch below discusses these dangers; the high dose of caffeine in these drinks can cause a dangerous rise in blood pressure, heart palpitations, severe anxiety, heart damage and in some cases, death due to heart damage.

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