Snails vs Sharp Razor : Will it cut? See for yourself!

This YouTube video demonstrates a snail and slugs slithering over the edge of a disposable cutter and other sharp protests like knife.It may survive the sharp blades, yet razors?The video begins with a slug gradually advancing over a blade, past its sharp teeth, and surviving. Another slug in another scene shows up, and it appears to move speedier than alternate, this time it’s confronting a sharp, smooth, kitchen blade, and like it’s relative, it survives. It’s much more amazing on the grounds that the second slug didn’t simply slithered over the sharp edge, yet it moved straight straightforwardly on it.

In case regardless you’re not that captivated, here is a snail advancing on a razor’s edge. It slides its way into the sharp edge, and goes on unharmed as well. In case you’re interested how it survives, it’s really as a result of the bodily fluid, one of nature’s best ointments, it permits a mollusc to coast over sharp questions unharmed.