SpeedForce - the first fully integrated cycling computer launch on Indiegogo from Yumeng Zhang on Vimeo.

SpeedForce -The World’s Smartest Cycling Computer

We created SpeedForce as a way to bring technology and cycling together in one place. SpeedForce is a fully integrated smart cycling computer that replaces your stem, combines different cycling products together, measures over 8 sets of data, and comes with an app.

“…touted as a means to improve the aptitude of bicycles… the device adds GPS navigation, smartphone charging and sensors on pedals and wheels to measure performance.” -USA Today

“Cyclists can track their bike performance, share their routes, and get motivated to continue biking. SpeedForce serves as a charger, too, which will keep you juiced up while riding.” – Mac World /IT World

“What sets SpeedForce’s smart bike computer apart… is that it is durable and doesn’t just mount onto your bike, but becomes part of the steering column, installing at the stem.” – CRN


For any changes in shipping address or SpeedForce model, please send an email to support@beastbikes.com at least 30 days before the delivery date.

For any questions regarding the use of hardware or software, please leave a comment through Indiegogo.

For business cooperations, please send an email to: business@beastbikes.com

Company Information

What is SpeedX?

SpeedX is a company focused on developing and producing innovative bicycle products.

What is SpeedForce?

SpeedForce is one of a kind cycling device that combines a headlight, GPS navigation, and a cycling computer.

How many people are in the SpeedX team?

We have a group of 27 people.

Why did you create SpeedForce?

Our team is full of people who love cycling and we hope that by creating SpeedForce, we can make cycling more fun and cycling can become the main method of transportation for everyone.

Are you accepting media interviews?

Yes, we would be happy to receive such inquiries. If you would like to interview one of our team members, please shoot us an email: press@beastbikes.com

Product Information

How much is SpeedForce?

SpeedForce will be sold for an MSRP(Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $159.99.

What kind of bikes are compatible with SpeedForce?

A standard mountain bike or a road bike with a straight handlebar (diameter 31.8mm). We have two models depending on whether you have a MTB or road bike.

MTB version fits 90mm +7 degrees stem

Road version fits 110mm -7 degrees stem

How do I install SpeedForce?

There will be detailed instructions included in the package and it is also mentioned on the Indiegogo page.

What’s included in the SpeedForce package?

1 SpeedForce, 1 battery, 1 wireless receiver, 1 speed sensor, 1 cadence sensor, tools, 1 charging cable, and manual.

What data does the SpeedForce display?

The SpeedForce will be able to tell you the following data while cycling: Speed, Time, Distance, Cadence, Heart rate*, Route, Altitude, and Power*.

*For power data, it requires third party power meters that support ANT+. Heart rate requires a heart measurement band.

Can the SpeedForce be used as a GPS?

Yes, the SpeedForce offers GPS navigation to help you with directions as you cycle towards your destination. There are two modes of GPS navigation: Off-the-road and Turn-by-turn. Turn-by-turn requires your phone to navigate using our App. The app will send the GPS information through Bluetooth into SpeedForce in real-time for more accuracy. Off-the-road doesn’t require your phone to navigate. You can have your route mapped and sent to SpeedForce ahead of time and SpeedForce will use the preplanned route to guide you.

Does the SpeedForce have a headlight?

Yes. SpeedForce has a built-in headlight to help you see while you’re biking during night hours. The headlight is 150 lumens.

Does the SpeedForce use a rechargeable battery?

Yes. SpeedForce uses a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 40 hours (up to 16 hours with GPS on). That’s more than 4X the average battery life of regular cycling computers.

Can I use it for my indoor trainer?

Yes, SpeedForce will still track a bike that is stationary, as long as you can pedal.

What size is the screen?

SpeedForce has a 1.6” (28.8*28.8mm) screen and has a resolution of 320p.

How many days worth of data can be stored on SpeedForce before needing to transfer over to the app?

It can store 180 days worth of data before needing to sync to the app.

Is it compatible with Strava or any other app?

No, it is only compatible with the SpeedX Cycling app for now. Our app is designed to have the same functions as Strava without the subscription fees, however connecting to Strava is in our development pipeline.

App Information

Is there an APP that needs to be downloaded while using SpeedForce?

Yes. Users will need to download the SpeedX Cycling app to be able to utilize some of the amazing features SpeedForce has to offer. We are in the process of changing the app name, but you can search the app in the App Store under Jiayang Gao. It will be ready by the time SpeedForce is being shipped.

What operating system is supported by the app?

The app supports operating systems Android 4.0 and up and iOS 7 and up.

How do I sync my phone to SpeedForce?

After you download the app and open it, you can connect SpeedForce to your phone via Bluetooth.

Shipping Information

How do I choose the model and modify the shipping information?

After completing the order, you need to take our survey to choose which SpeedForce version (MTB and Road) you need or any shipping address changes. Please let us know 30 days before the delivery date.

Where can you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

How much is shipping?

United States, Canada, and China have free shipping. Other countries require a shipping of $20.

Do I need to pay for customs?

Yes, if there is any customs fee charged.

When will it be shipped? 

We plan to ship in March.

Why does it take so long for it to be delivered?

We need time to finalize the number for production. We thank you for your patience and we will regularly update you with the product’s process.

Customer Service

Can I get a refund?

Yes, as long as it is requested before the campaign ends.

I preordered the SpeedForce, but didn’t get a confirmation message.

If you did not receive one, please email support@beastbikes.com and we can get one re-sent.


The elegant, integrated design seamlessly incorporates a GPS cycling computer with a power supply, headlight, and navigation. It becomes the stem of your bike for a full integration rather than as an extra part.


SpeedForce has additional pedal and wheel sensors that ensure the highest accuracy. With each pedal, SpeedForce can pick up and calculate your riding data: speed, time, distance, track, heart rate, altitude, temperature, and cadence .


With a built-in GPS chip that syncs with your phone’s GPS, SpeedForce has turn signal indicators that light up to tell you where to turn next without needing to glance at your smartphone. It makes riding with navigation on safer and easier.

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