Stevie J Is Cheating On Faith Evans With A Stripper, Mystery Girl Reveals It All

Wtf! Stevie J is already cheating on Faith Evans? It was not a long time ago when the news was out that Faith Evans is expecting Stevie J’s baby, and now the rumors have it that Stevie J is cheating Fatih Evans because of a stripper?

I’ve heard that happy marriage is a myth, but a faithful husband is also a myth? Every second man in the world is getting caught for cheating on his wife or girlfriend. It’s Stevie J’s turn now because Faith caught him red-handed.

A long time ago, we heard that Stevie J has a child with a stripper, and once again he is in the news as his name is taken with a stripper. He’s dating a stripper, and the picture is going viral with the pictures that Stevie J was leaked. The stripper claimed to have more importance in Stevie J’s life than Faith Evans.

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