Strange Sounds From The Sky Over Tulsa Oklahoma

On March 25th 2015 a tornado struck Tulsa County setting down in Sand Springs, Oklahoma in the early evening. This video I recorded around 5:15 that evening in midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As I started looking around on the internet I haven’t seen anyone who posted a video about strange sounds from the sky that night in Tulsa, but I did see hundreds of videos from people around the world who have recorded identical sounds to the ones I accidentally captured.

I was only trying to get some video of the ominous, low clouds and maybe be able to see the actual tornado. But instead I heard these sounds.

They sound at times like a plane, at other times like an orchestra warming up, sometimes it sounds too electronic to be either of those. More so in person than on the video it also sounded like a choir singing a dissonant chord in multiple part harmony.

I have no idea what it was. That night I thought it was electrical lines that had been knocked down by the high winds and the tornadoes. Now I see on YouTube that these exact sounds have happened at all different times and places around the world.


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