Struggle Is Real: Meet the man who cleans and Lives in a Public bathroom

WE’RE all guilty of having the odd moan about our workplace, but spare a thought for the men who live, work, sleep – and even eat – in a TOILET.

Following a spate of vandalism and thefts from Delhi’s public lavatories, the city authorities took the decision to employ staff to guard the facilities and keep them clean. Premraj Das, 40, who supports his family on his £70 monthly wage, is one such employee. He spends his days in his toilet, where he prepares, cooks and eats his food – and sleeps there at night to save money on rent.

And despite the stigma attaching to cleaning toilets, Das says he feels no shame at his work, which allows him to earn enough to send home a regular cheque to his family.

BELONGINGS: The live-in toilet attendants keep their personal possessions with them in the facilities
Das hails from the northeast of India and formerly worked as a laborer in Punjab and at a local market in Allahabad, as well as on a farm in his home village. But three and a half years ago he moved to Delhi in search of a better life for himself and his family.

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