Students caught in moment of passion on a ROOF as they declare their undying love


When emotions are running high… Students caught in moment of passion on a ROOF as they declare their undying love
Amorous couple are thought to be students living in Wenzhou, east China
They were still wearing their school uniforms as they embraced on the roof
Footage has been viewed more than 1.3 million times since it emerged
Chinese web users have been divided over the public display of affection
Most of us remember being a little too amorous in public when we were young but a pair of high school students found themselves the stars of a video that became a trending topic on social media.

The couple were filmed in a compromising position on the roof of a building, where they were publicly declaring their love to each other, before the footage was posted online.

Although unidentified, the students, both wearing their uniforms, are believed to live in Wenzhou, east China, according to People’s Daily Online.
In the video, the boy was seen lying on top of the girl for some time.

From time to time, he appeared to be gyrating although it’s not clear whether the couple were actually having sex.

The girl was initially seen to have her legs around him but later tried to push him off.

Meanwhile, a male and female voice were head off-screen laughing about the couple.

One person proposed that everyone should ‘donate 20 Yuan (£2) so they can get a room’.
Since the footage appeared online on December 28, it became a trending topic with tens of thousands of people commenting on the video.

However, it has since emerged that the video was originally posted in 2013 and has simply resurfaced.

It has been viewed more than 1.3 million times and shared many more.

The identity of the lovers are still unknown but their actions have spurred hot debate with users of Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, divided over the public display of affection.

Many found the footage funny but some were disgusted by such public indecency.

Others found the couples’ love act unsurprising and commented that the person who filmed the footage shouldn’t have exposed them.

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