Taking a 30 years old Volvo into a garage and driving out on a Lamborghini worth $2,ooo,ooo.

You may think you know your way around cars, their shapes and brands, how to make them move, even how they are made, but this will surprise you. this car is not what it seems. this vehicle is the product of many hours of carefull, masterfull work. this, is an awesome attempt by these men from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, to transform the ordinary into the Extraordinary. take a Volvo 740, made 30 years ago, strip it and use the skeleton to build a new car, a better car, one that reminds you of james bond, of vacations and movies, of speed and a different lifestyle.

you rode into the garage on a dusty, boring, trustworthy old work-horse, with the semblance of a Cheeta of the Asphalt. it’s a rare feat these days, making the mundane turn into something beautiful and crafty, so watch what the guys had done.

2. The before picture

It’s like your old friend, you don’t want to see suffering anymore..

3. The after picture

And this is how it turns up, after an upgrade in the form of carbon steel, acrylic glass, wheels from a BMW X5 and carefully made metal pieces. it’s… beautiful.

4. SO cool! like Batman’s regular car

Of course, it does not actually drive, it gets towed around town once a year, when the locals can marvel at this strange, displaced image and nod to themselves, there still wonders yet to see in the world.

5. From behind. sleek, no?

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