That innocent child meets gay couple, watch as he beautifully surmise his reaction

Parents nowaday have more Talks then ever to have with their children, and one of those is about gays, Homosexaulity and love. some Folks struggle with explaining these concepts, but remember, it’s likely that it’s more difficult for them than it is for their kids. this video proves that children understand LOVE, and that they are not weighed down by biases and Prejudices as we are.

This kid meets a gay couple for the first time, but it doesn’t take him long at all to grasp what some people don’t understand till they’re old – if you love each other, everything else is just a technicality.

what is most reassuring about this video is how after the kid arrives at his logical conclusion, he’s totally unsurprised and just wants to go back to playing, not before he offers to his two new friend to join him. we can all learn from him about priorities.

What did you think about his reaction, is it the natural one? do you need to this to anyone in particular? tell us below!

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