The Amazing Oasis Huacachina, in Peru

The tropical settlement of Huacachina, in Peru, is nestled in the middle of one of the most barren places on earth

The town is home to 96 residents, and has rustic hotels, shops and even an oasis library

Visitors can enjoy watching the sunset over the dunes, before sandboarding down to the oasis

In the midst of one of the driest climates in the world, is an oasis town with lush palm trees, flourishing foliage, and a tranquil lagoon which is said to have curative properties.

The magical town is called Huacachina, and it can be found not only on adventurers’ bucket lists, but also in the barren Atacama Desert of Peru.

Visitors can visit the surreal settlement and the 96 residents, who thrive on running small businesses on their greatest resource; sand.