The Future Is Communication Is Here. Say Goodbye To Your Old Programs!

It is safe to say that we are already living the future. The future of back then, at least, as we now have things that merely a few decades ago would seem delusional. A few students from MIT thought to take it up a notch, and bring us the very next step of interaction. Something beyond the smartphones and Skype-like software. Something that’ll allow us to literally feel and not only see.

“To put it in the simplest terms, the inFORM is a self-aware computer monitor that doesn’t just display light, but shape as well. Remotely, two people Skyping could physically interact by playing catch, for example, or manipulating an object together, or even slapping high five from across the planet. Another use is to physically manipulate purely digital objects. A 3-D model, for example, can be brought to life with the inFORM, and then manipulated with your hands to adjust, tweak, or even radically transform the digital blueprint.”

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