The Real-Life Cave: Man Built Himself A $230,000 Home In The Hills

I remember seeing what I can only describe as a moody millennials’ meme, which stated “all I need is a cabin in the woods, a log fire and Wifi”. While Angelo Mastropietro doesn’t technically have acabinin the woods, he does have a rather incredible crib which ticks the two other boxes.

Having founded a successful recruitment firm in Australia, the 38-year-old was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was even temporarily paralysed. He decided that he needed to reassess his lifestyle and moved back to the UK. It was here, in Worcestershire’s Wyre Forest, that he created something incredible. Mastropietro’s surname means ‘Master of Stones’ and it seems this accolade is more than merely nominal. Back in 1999, when sheltering from rain during a bike ride, he discovered a cave in a rock face.

h2Years later, the cave was barely recognisable. But having paid just £62,000 ($85,000) for it, he then excavated the rock – creating two adjoining hollows. Around 1,000 man hours and an extra £100,000 ($140,000) later, he had created a unique home with all the mod cons you could hope for.

The luxury pad, burrowed out of 700-year-old rock, is a sight to behold. Currently used as a holiday let, this one-of-a-kind home plays host to all of the creature comforts you could hope for, including a log fire and Wifi.