There’s A SECRET Message In This Photo… Keep Your Eyes On The Girl Wearing The “A” Shirt


At Christmas time, you can expect photos. A lot of photos. Perhaps more photos now than ever, with everyone owning a camera phone. And that pretty much helps guarantee that you’ll document almost everything, from the food, to the gift-giving, to the wonderful decorations. And of course, there’s the tradition of the family photo. It’s kind of a big deal so you’ll probably spend time setting up the shot, getting people to pose, and maybe dressing up a bit. You might even use a fancy digital SLR on a tripod with a timer. Sure, it’s a hassle, but how often does your whole family get together? And that’s what Tyne Owen figured, so he used the opportunity of the sacred Christmas family photo to hide a secret message. The family wore shirts with letters that spelled out “MERRY XMAS” initially but discreet changes were made in the middle of the photo shoot. Watch what happens when Tyne’s girlfriend discovers the secret message!