Wednesday , 26 April 2017

This employee is homeless, until her Boss does the most amazing thing

The woman in the video above, Angel, is a single mother of three children, and a longtime Modell’s Sporting Goods employee.

On an episode of Undercover Boss, the CEO of Modell’s Sporting Goods shows up Angel’s branch, and poses as a trainee. Angel is then assigned to show this ‘trainee’ around the store, unaware the man is actually CEO Mitchell Modell, going undercover at his own company in order to find out how operations are handled and run from a customer and employee standpoint.

As he talks to Angel and gets to know her, he learns what a remarkable woman she is, having lived on the streets and now in a homeless shelter and still tell him everything is going to get better and that he’s going to do all right.

It is, then, time for the CEO to reveal himself to Angel. To say she is surprised would be an understatement, especially given into consideration the promotions, compliments and big paycheck Mitchell hands her. Watch the heartwarming meeting in the video above.

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