This Guy built a real life ‘Thor’s Hammer’, and only he can lift it

Thor loves his hammer. It’s his own special thing, and nobody else is allowed to lift it. Nobody else can lift it. That’s kind of the point.

Now the ultimate Avengers fan has made his own ‘Thor’s hammer’, which only he can lift. He’s not super strong, he’s not the ruler of Asgard, but he does have an impressive amount of tech expertise.


Using a microwave and a thumbprint scanner (as well as a lot of other tech-y equipment), this guy built his ‘hammer’ by making an incredibly strong magnet that only his thumb can deactivate.

He took it to Venice Beach, in California, where he astonished the locals by sticking his hammer magnet to various drains, and challenging them to pick it up.


Obviously they all failed, only to watch him lift it without so much as breaking a sweat. The way we see it, he used science, and now he’s cooler than Thor.