This Immigrant Labeled Himself As A Rapist & Criminal. People’s Reaction Are Priceless


As a society, it is always easier to just categorize everything, label and dump into a certain group. If your neighborhood has had a few robberies recently, people would soon label your city a “dangerous and terrible city,” even though that in reality, it is the doing of a few individuals only. Because of their wrong doing, every other neighbor in this neighborhood is now ‘tagged’ and ‘stained’ with this label. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

If you agree so far, then what is the difference when it comes to race and ethnicity? If an immigrant has committed a crime, is it really fair to label his entire ethnicity and account them responsible?

In a response to Donald Trump’s recent speech, Sergio from UDsyde Films did a social experiment called ‘The Donald Trump Experiment,’ in which he was holding a sign that read “Meet an immigrant. Do you really think I’m a druglord, rapist, criminal?” while wearing a prison inmate jump suit. Check out people’s reactions.

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