This is why you should sleep on your left side

Your sleeping position can even influence your health, it can help to keeping your skin looking young and healthy, and improve digestion.

We all know how important sleep is, in order to remain well physically and even mentally. However, not many give much through to the position they sleep in, which is a very important aspect, just as the duration of your sleep.

Which side do you sleep on?

  • Sleeping on the LEFT can even save lives, as it has several healthy benefits.
  • Sleeping on the BACK can be quite dangerous for people with sleep apnea and asthma, as it can cause sleeping difficulties.
  • Sleeping on your RIGHT side can worsen digestive problems.

7 Reasons You Should Sleep On Your Left

  • Facilitate lymphatic drainage
  • Makes it easier for the heart to pump downhill
  • Better elimination
  • Support healthy spleen function
  • Encourages proper digestion
  • Helps circulation back to the heart
  • Helps bile flow more freely

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