Trigger-Happy Police officer shot their Dog to death for no reason


A family were left devastated after their bull terrier dog, Duchess, was shot three times by a trigger-happy officer who knocked on their door in order to let them know that they had left their car door open.

As soon as Gillian Palacios opened the door, Duchess ran out to greet the new guest, the officer, who then shot him at point blank range.

Surveillance footage of the incident confirms the family’s claim that the dog did not bark or  was being aggressive at all.

Photos below show how devastated the family is left, after the tragic event.

Gillian Palacios said: “Before I could even do anything, the officer had his gun out and shot her three times in the head.”


She continued: “She was curious. She wasn’t barking and she wasn’t growling. There was no reason for him to think she was aggressive in any way.”

The police officer has since been put on administrative leave, and he claimed that the dog was ‘charging at him’ at the time. He then notified the family that Animal Services would come soon to take care of Duchess’ body.

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