Warning: Russian doctor PUNCHES patient to death


Shocking surveillance footage shows a Russian doctor punching a patient to death in a hospital.

The Dec. 29 video, pulled from a hospital in Belgorod, shows a man — who The Telegraph identified as Ilya Zelendinov — dragging a shirtless patient off an exam table and pushing him into another room.

The patient, identified as 56-year-old Tevgeny Bakhtin, kicked a nurse earlier in the day, so when Zelendinov confronts him, he demands, “Why did you touch the nurse?”

A second man in a black coat tries to interfere and the surgeon, who Russian media have dubbed “the boxer doctor,” hauls off and beats him in a corner.

Then, he does an about-face and goes after Bakhtin again, landing a quick one-two punch.

The man in the black coat tries to step in again, and the purple-shirted doc tosses a chair out of the way and punches him till he’s curled up in fetal position.

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