WATCH:Woman Accidentally Sets Car On Fire With Lighter At Gas Station

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Drivers and insurance are so terrible in Russia most have dashcams to archive mischances are not their shortcoming. I envision they didn’t yell to her on the grounds that there was a minute of, WTF before she did it, and afterward it was past the point of no return.Here’s your “just in Russia” story throughout today. In Surgut, a city in Siberia, a lady was topping off her gas tank. At that point, for reasons that are misty, she chose to review said gas tank with a lighter.There are a couple of potential clarifications in respect to why somebody would put a lighter straight up to their open gas tank. Maybe she was verifying whether the gas tank was full. Then again perhaps she was attempting to warm up the spout, since Siberia is clearly a really nippy spot.Despite her thought processes, this woman lucked out: she was unharmed. The main casualties in this occasion were the gas pump spout and the paint on the auto.

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