What Type Of Tattoo Should You Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

We all have times in our lives when we have thought about getting a tattoo. Maybe it’s your very first one, or perhaps it’s your 30th, either way you need to consider a lot of different things. You have to think about the cost, or how much you plan on spending, plus which artist you plan on going to visit in order to get it done. Other than that the two main factors that come into play are where to put your new tattoo on your body and what design you want inked permanently on your skin.
There are unlimited and virtually endless types of designs and artwork from which to choose from. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Ink Master on TV or any of those tattoo-centered shows, then you know how wide open and varied the styles are. On top of the overall design you also have to decide on color or black and white, shaded or filled in, saturation and tone, plus a host of other things may come into play as well.

With all that to think about, how does one even begin to go about examining their best choice for a tattoo? By way of the zodiac of course! Your zodiac sign offers a very unique approach to the topic of who you are as an individual deep down inside. All the things that make you seem spectacularly disordered or wildly successful can end up saying a lot about who you are and what you like. In turn it can help narrow down the ideal type of tattoo for you so find your sign below and read what it reveals about what kind of tattoo you should get!

Aries- Anything spontaneous. You are a wild card and love to speak your mind. As a somewhat loud and feisty soul, a tattoo begotten on a sudden whim suits you better than anything pre-planned or thought out. Besides, you change your mind too much for any of that and so an impulsive tattoo is thee way to go.

Taurus- A deeply meaningful tattoo. You are a lover who wears your heart on your sleeve and any tattoo you get you’d want the world to see. Anything closely associated with what you hold near and close to your heart or that’s intimate fits the bill. Maybe that’s your partner’s name, initials, the date you met, or something along those lines. Since the main thing you’re scare of happens to be change, whatever you end up choosing you’ll love because it’s permanent.

Gemini- A tattoo with two sides to it. Like the twins that represent your zodiac sign, you are full of contrasts and that makes you unpredictable. One moment you’re hot then next you’re cold, it’s just in your nature. Nothing reflects this dynamic type of opposition better than a multifaceted tattoo that pays homage to your two-sides.

Cancer- A family oriented tattoo. Cancers are sensitive souls who love and deeply cherish their family connections. They are the mommy’s boys and daddy’s little girls of the world and nothing shows their loyalty and love better than a tattoo that’s centered around their family. Names, dates, crests, and other inside information that only the family can decipher or know about are all popular ideas.

Leo- A prominent tattoo. Leos are extreme and as such any tattoo they choose to ink on their skin has to be highly visible, expressive, and strong. You are drawn to powerful designs that exude energy, confidence and determination. No dainty flower or cursive scrolling will do for you, instead Leo’s go for dragons, complex portraits, sleeves, and above all they favor original creations.

Virgo- Anything old, sweet, and vintage. You shun all the modern art and trendy things that people are tattooing on their bodies and instead favor the designs of yesterday. You like and want a tattoo that has the ability to spark an interesting conversation, that looks good… and was popular over sixty years ago. Do a little research and you’re sure to stumble across the perfect, most charming design you ever did see!

Libra- A beautiful celestial tattoo. You want simple, natural beauty and look to nature and the sky for tattoo inspiration. Nothing is as classic and perfect as a sun, moon, star, or zodiac type of design. Anything else having to do with beauty and nature also appeals to you and delicate flowers, butterfly’s and hummingbirds are the type of art you should get inked on your body.

Scorpio- Sultry lower body tattoo. You are one of the hottest signs, just being near you is enough to make many a heart and soul smolder. As such, the ideal type of tattoo for you would be one that matches your hot presence and that means one below the belt. Location is everything for a Scorpio, and the more sensual the better.

Sagittarius- Inner lip tattoo. Of all the things in the world, commitment is the one thing you’re most apprehensive of and having a permanent inking somewhere on your body is a huge commitment. That’s why you’d be most comfortable with an inner lip tattoo. It’s hidden yet you know it’s there and can show it off to whomever you feel comfortable revealing it to. And if you ever regret it, who cares! No one will ever know and it naturally fades over time.

Capricorn- An intellectually profound tattoo. You are a very worldly, cultured, and clever individual who embodies simple elegance. Being so hyper aware and in tune with both yourself and the world around you, a philosophical type quote concealed somewhere on your body would fit right in with your overall style and attitude. Whatever words that inspire and speak to your soul will work!

Aquarius- A humanistic tattoo. You are a hard worker whose interested and active in fighting for human rights, justice, and equality that’s all-inclusive and for everyone. As such, what’s a better way to both commemorate and memorialize your endless humanitarian endeavors than with a powerful tattoo that symbolizes and sums it all up? Nothing, which is why it’s the kind of tattoo that fits you best.

Pisces- A dainty type of tattoo. You are sensitive, dreamy, gentle, and deeply emotional. As such, nothing crazy or bold will fit your personality and instead a delicate, natural type of design suits you best. Being creative and an artist at heart, you’re more than capable of coming up with an original design that speaks to your soul and captures your essence. Perhaps something dreamlike or steeped in fantasy would match you and the delicateness you exude best.

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