When You Wake Up Does Your Heel Hurt or Anytime You Walk? THIS Is The Reason Why And What To Do

One day I woke up and had a lot of pain in my heel, and after putting off a doctor’s visit thinking it would go away, I finally got it diagnosed.  I found out I had Plantar fasciitis, a condition suffered by more than 50% of Americans in their lifetime.

The plantar fascia, as you will hear in the excellent video you are about to watch below, is a thin ligament that connects the heal to the front of your foot.  It is often caused by the repetitive motion of exercises during workouts, spending many hours on your feet particularly in shoes that bend the foot unnaturally, and weight gain.

In the following video the doctor gives a more in depth explanation of the reasons this malady is so common, some ways to prevent it from occurring, and the most effective means of treating the condition to help loosen the muscles that perpetuate the pain.

The most important part of the treatment is DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE; he demonstrates different rolling techniques, over a water bottle or rolling pin, that achieves excellent results.

Secondly, there are multiple STRETCHING TECHNIQUES that pulls the arch of your foot upward, that he illustrates clearly. The third line of treatment are NUTRITIONAL foods and SUPPLEMENTS. Lastly STRENGTHENING the MUSCLES of your feet, with proper shoes, walking barefoot and changing up your movements, all will offer great relief for this painful condition.

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