Yoga Pants Prank Shows What Some Women Have To Put Up With


When Yousef Saleh Erakat aka Fousey Tubeputs on leggings and bends over to grab something out of his car, the man stares come rollin’ in.

“So a friend of mine recently told me I had no idea how hard it was being a girl, because when she wears leggings, everybody stares at her butt, so today, I’m going to find out exactly how hard it is,” says Erakat in the video above.

The men gaze freely at the legging-clad bum until they realize the booty belongs to a man. Then they instantly change their tune.

The YouTube video, which currently has over 6 million views, is making an important statement about women dealing with unwanted stares and attention on a daily basis — even when just going to a yoga class.

Next time you find yourself objectifying a person, walk a mile in her shoes… We mean, leggings.

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